Seirin team + before the game

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When their eyes meet
they have a conversation with their hearts ♥
more than words

Quote taken from here.



"When their eyes meet, they have a conversation with their hearts more than words." (x)

"Suddenly, Haruka looked Makoto straight in the eyes. The evening sun glowed in his pupils, and Makoto felt as though he could see straight through Haruka’s heart." (x)

"Makoto looked into Haruka’s eyes….

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a [yndr intensifies] sequel to previous post

i’m sorry about your tank merharu :(

firefighter makoto will…..make… it.. better….???

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I’m worried about all of your muscles! So surprise bento check!

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Makoharu baka couple in Free! ES ep4 - part 3 & 4 (part 1 & 2 here)

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