My OTP/ship (3/?)

Shizaya ~

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He missed…

They make bad decisions most of the time.

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Nope Kisumi’s kissme joke doesn’t work on makoharu baka couple !

(kinda the part 2 of this Sousuke version)

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We now know that yes, love is a real emotion, it’s not just a mixture of happiness and gratitude that’s created by the object or person of affection, it is in fact a real biological thing. It’s been found that love even has a universal facial expression: an often closed-mouthed look that completely softens the face and a look in the eyes that can only be described as tender.


My “Psychology of Human Relationships” lecturer today. All I could think of was:





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Artist : 森嵐伊秒兔


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Who cares about personal space anyways?

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Sakura: No way…He looks seriously upset about it…

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